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Comment Ça Va? 🍁🏛️

Are you missing the fall vibes around you? The rustling of the winds, the sway of the leaves falling, and that orangey hue all around? 🍂✨At SAIT's Architectural Study Tour in Quebec and Montreal, they embarked on a one-week adventure that allowed them to escape the daily school grind and bask in the beauty of fall. The students of the SAIT AT program experienced the magic of Old Quebec City, a place like no other in Canada, as they wandered through its historic streets steeped in the country's rich history. But that's not all – they delved into the world of architecture that has put Canada on the global map, visiting iconic sites like Expo 67, Olympic Stadium, and Habitat 67. Huge thank you to Marc Bussiere for leading up the tour. It was a truly fall-tastic journey that left us in awe of both nature and human creativity.🍁✨ #SAITArchitecturalTour#FallVibes#ArchitecturalAdventure#Quebec#Montreal

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