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Academic Events

Check out our ongoing events on our Eventbrite page.


Lunch and Learns

     Our Lunch and Learn events allow students to learn more about the industry through guest speakers with their expertise about various topics. Check out our previous Lunch and Learn meetings here!

Nerd Club

     Nerd Club is a weekly - bi-weekly meeting where students who are interested in learning about architectural technology can expand their learning beyond the classroom curriculum. Topics covered in previous years have included visual programming with Dynamo, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D detailing, creating portfolios, Rhino, and more! Visit our Nerd Club Teams Channel.

Office Tours

     Office Tours help students make a feel of what it is like to be in an actual workplace! This also gives them a chance to network and ask questions to industry partners.

Industry Night

     Industry Night is ATSA's largest event! Every year, ATSA sets up a networking event for all students and industry partners to enjoy and have fun.


Design Competitions


ATSA prides itself for hosting successful design competitions over the years for students to exercise and enhance their design skills, and of course, have fun in the process! Watch out for our design competition announcements.











Social Events

We also host multiple social events such as meet-ups, International Students Club, paint nights, movie nights, etc. as a way for students to have fun outside school! 

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